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Locus Standing Desk
Locus Standing Desk
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Locus Standing Desk

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Locus Standing Desk

Certain things we own send a message to those around us. The Locus Standing Desk is one and the message is clear: "I am ON it". Maybe you show up early or stay late. Either way the CEO knows she can count on you. You are on it.

And you are. Whether it's finishing up a complex financial model or thinking up a compelling social media plan, you got this- all of it.

The Locus Standing Desk is adaptive, confident, and rock solid- just like you.

The stunning simplicity of the Locus Standing Desk's design is matched only by its handsome construction. The desk lifts and lowers effortlessly with the turn of a German hand crank. The American-made desktop adjusts easily too. The desktop pivots from absolutely flat to a 15 degree angle, enabling you to find your perfect working position.

Never before has a standing desk looked or felt this good.


  • Powder-coated recycled aluminum legs provide a stable and sleek base. The aluminum is lightweight, durable, and sustainable.
  • The German hand crank system is an elegantly designed mechanism that lifts and lowers the desk effortlessly. The crank's simple design empowers you to adjust your own desk with ease- no call to facilities necessary.
  • The natural wood desktop is crafted in North Carolina and is designed with the human form in mind. The expansive desktop is slightly curved, allowing you to place yourself at the perfect ergonomic position.
  • The desk works in a flat position or angled up to 15 degrees, allowing you to easily alternate between digital and analog work modes. It is easier than ever to reduce the nagging wrist discomfort from all that typing you do.
  • The desktop has two thoughtfully designed cup holders, perfect for your hot cup of joe or organizing your office supplies.
  • Ergonomist tested and recommended.
  • Perfect for home offices, corporate offices, open offices, co-working zones and more.
  • Height Adjustability: 36-48"
  • Weight Rating: 180 lbs.
  • Lifting Ratio: 1:2 - One turn equals 1/4"
  • Materials: American made, hardwood ply top, powder-coated extruded and cast aluminum, hardened steel, powder-coated zinc.
  • Desk top made in North Carolina. Component parts sourced globally, and built in Rhode Island.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty