SpaceCraft Origin Story Part 1


One day my wife came home with a desk she'd designed and built with my father during a summer trip with our kids.  Made of plywood, it was a simple but efficient design that mounted on the wall with a french cleat but I was enamored with how it cleverly levitated off the wall and folded up into a relatively small footprint.  Being a design snob I'm more into soft curves and contours over sharp, boxy angles so I searched for other wall mounted desks on the market.

After scouring the google-verse I couldn't find one that spoke to me.  There were some interesting designs but no moment where the clouds parted and godrays filtered down onto "the one."  So I posed the question that started the journey of SpaceCraft:

What does the ideal desk look like?

Truth be told, I never gave much thought to the design or mechanics of desks before but once I meditated on their potential I became a student of what other's had done before me.  I researched ad nauseum for desks, cabinets, hutches, tables, reviews, interviews, schematics, DIY furniture making – anything to understand their make up.

Go Deep

I have a degree in film (Critical Studies) and, while the context was movie making, the principals apply to any creative process or problem solving.  I was trained to thoroughly reverse engineer the conventions of a given medium and understand its building blocks – a very left-brain, analytical, logical process.  The magic of movies, music, products, businesses, or brands – comes from how these building blocks are fused together.  This is where the right-brain comes into play – art, emotional resonance, taste.


After wrapping my head around the fundamental elements of the desk as a genre, I went Nietchze.  I asked deep philosophical questions like:

What is the nature of a desk?

What is ones relationship to that space?

What accessories are found on or near the desk "ecosystem"?

How can form and function be perfectly harmonized into something bold, beautiful, meaningful, iconic, important?

Out came the napkins and the doodling began.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


Steven Swanson

Raised in a Middle Eastern desert and along the bayous of Louisiana, I studied film at USC and later programming, 3D, design, and business at the University of 4 o'clock in the morning. You can usually find me at Starbucks concocting new ventures.